Dairy Manager


• Daily milk receipt twice a day
2.evening with slip printing for farmer
• Slips can be printed on dotmatrix printer or laserjet printer·  Sales of milk to big dairy in towns
• Sales of cattle feed and other articles to farmers and others on credit & cash
• Prepare weekly/10 days/random period milk purchase bills from 1 above
• This milk purchase bills has option to print ledger of other transactions ( cash payment/receipt/ credit sales etc) during the period of bill
• Purchase of products for sale to farmers( cattle feed and other articles)
• Profit & loss statement, Balance sheet
• Cash book , bank book, journal, profit & loss, balance sheet
• Facility of automatic reading FAT from fat testing machine
• Facility of automatic reading the weighing scale weight of milk.
• You can use different weighing scales from selecting their make.
• You can use different fat testing machines ( Milk Analyser ) from available machine list.
• Languages supported English, Marathi
• SNF calculated from CLR using different formula. Or direct SNF entry is also accepted.
• Automatic rate import from charts entered . Charts of FAT only or Fat/SNF both can be stored and prepared.
• Separate(different) charts for  more than 1 routes possible and it will automatically take rate from chart of the route on which the party comes.